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Printers vs. The Digital Age


We’re well into the digital age and we do more things online now than ever before. So, does that mean printing is becoming obsolete? Where is the place for printers in your home, work or school? Here’s a few of our thoughts and some research on why printers still have a place and are here to stay!



The advent of digital photography means we take a bajillion more photos now and yet the amount we print has greatly decreased. To us, this means a printed photo has more value and, rather than printing everything we shot on film, we now choose to print only our most favourite photos. Therefore, we need good quality and convenience to print those special pictures. As this article from Digital Trends tells us,

Honestly, there has never been a better time to print than now, thanks to technological advances in both digital cameras and inkjet printers. If you haven’t yet tried your hand at photo printing, you owe it to yourself to do so, even if you’re just a casual photographer.

Print Media

According to 99U, the number of magazines produced has stayed constant, although the design, paper and quality has improved! Holding a magazine in your hand is certainly different than reading one online. This article from Forbes says that “paper beats digital in many ways, according to neuroscience.” Basically, our brains respond better to print media, advertisements and reading material like textbooks better than a digital alternative. This means businesses should still consider printed material like advertisements, information, business cards, etc. very integral to their business success!


Printed Material for Personal Use

Aside from photos, do we really need to print things at home? If you need access to something remotely or need to share easily with someone else, digital is often the answer! But, many times it’s much easier to share a printed document with someone. As well, schoolwork still requires the use of paper at times and many studies have shown that working with paper increases creativity and productivity! Maybe you need to type out your report initially but then print it to proofread and revise… both are an important part of our lives.


In conclusion, we don’t think this is NOT a contest! Digital has helped us with storage, organization, transmission of documents and media like never before (and so much more)! And there’s also a place for printed photos, special documents and having a hard copy of things you need to keep or want to treasure for years to come. Your printer still has an important place in your home and can be an economical tool you’ll find very helpful.

Your printer also has an important place in your business - serving the functions of daily work, plus the printing of promotional materials, documents and more. There’s much more help out there now with the internet and new software to promote and present your business in an effective and attractive way. Printers are so important to business and we predict they won’t be going anywhere in this millenia ;)


We can help you print photos, documents and everything else more economically and earth-friendly. Plus, we have great options for businesses that include free local delivery! Get in touch with us today to ask about anything we might be able to help you with.