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Festive Holiday Printing Ideas


It’s that time of year again! And what better time to keep your printer topped up and print some amazing things for the holidays?! We’ve scoured the net (well, Pinterest anyways) to bring you some festive printing ideas you can DIY. Find some of our favourites below…


Hand Sketched Gift Tags & Gift Cards

These printables by Gather & Feast will look beautifully handmade and add a modern touch to your decor and gifts!


  • Printable: full instructions and download HERE

  • White card in stock of choice (preferably between 200 - 300gsm)

  • Computer & printer

  • PDF viewer (e.g. Adobe Reader)

  • Hole punch & twine


Holiday Gift Planner

An excerpt from One Mama’s Daily Drama:

Everyone plans for the holidays in different ways. And of course, every person’s budget is different. Here are a few ideas to get started.

  • Write out the names of everyone you need to shop for first.

  • If you have a long list, consider buying in bulk and giving gift baskets to some.

  • Create a total spending budget and then divide from there to decide how much you can spend on each person.

  • Include a budget range for individuals so you can be flexible if you find the perfect gift, but it’s $5 more than you planned.

  • Keep your list handy so you can jot down ideas or pick up something on sale.

  • Handmade gifts are less expensive but may take more time.

  • Start early! Those hard-to-shop-for people get harder the closer it gets to December. When you panic, you’ll spend more.

“Above all, remember It’s the thought that counts. You don’t have to spend a lot on anyone or spend the same on everyone to give a gift that comes from the heart and reflects your relationship.”

Thank You Cards

Why not print out thank yous for friends and family after all the gifts have been exchanged? It’s a great way to practice gratitude and also a fab opportunity to teach your kids about it too!

Melissa Esplin has created these beautiful card templates you can quickly download and print, plus there’s a card for everyone. As she says, the first (from left, see above) is a fold-over card for grown ups and longer sentiments. The middle is a guided card for younger writers, giving them only a little bit of space to write something. Even a couple of words. The third (which could be use for a short Thank You) is designed for emerging writers, encouraging a child to just make a mark. A picture or a scribble allows him/her to take ownership of the sentiment.

Click HERE to download her beautiful thank you cards.


Scandinavian Inspired Gift Tags


These gorgeous Scandinavian inspired gift tags will satisfy the modern minimalist in your life or just be simple and beautiful to adorn your gifts with! You only need basic materials, along with the free download to print and instructions from The Beauty Dojo found HERE


  • twine

  • pine sprigs

  • kraft paper

  • white wrapping paper


Peppermint Gift-In-A-Jar

Why not make something for your loved ones this year? This recipe smells amazing, has rave reviews and you can print off these cute custom labels to put the finish touch on your beautiful gift-in-a-jar.

Head to the Here Comes The Sun blog for all the details and instructions to make her peppermint foot soak (with links to her scrub and body butter too!)


  • 1 cup Epsom salts

  • 1/2 cup baking soda

  • 5 drops peppermint essential oil

  • small mason jars

  • heavy white card stock or A4 labels


Christmas Gift Tags

Here’s one more gift tag printable for you! It’s simple and clean with a black and a red version for you to choose from. These are from I Heart Naptime - head on over to her blog HERE to download the tags, print them and get wrapping those gifts.