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Is Laser Cheaper than Inkjet?


This is a commonly asked question for a reason. Printing can be very expensive and most of us are looking for the most economical option to meet our needs. There's not quite a straight answer to this one, so let's dive into this a bit.


Monochrome (black only) = definite savings!

If you're looking to print black only, laser is less expensive pretty much across the board! Look for popular brands and printer models with lots of cartridge options available (like compatibles and re-manufactured cartridges) to maximize your savings. Laser is reliable, quick & cheap. The cartridges last longer, plus they won't smudge, dry out or clog up. Woohoo!


Colour Laser = savings possible!

This really depends, but savings are possible! As with black only printers, look for a popular brand and model with lots of cartridge options available. You'll need new cartridges less often and will be printing for less than a typical inkjet! Remember, laser printers only do 600 x 600 dpi, so they're suited to basic documents and colour printing only. Typically they work best in office environments, both big and small.




Up front cost vs. long term cost

Laser printers almost always cost more up front. The printers aren't given away for so little, like inkjet printers can be, and you'll usually get starter sized cartridges included with your purchase (so you'll have to invest in toner cartridges soon after the initial purchase). However, they will be less expensive in the long run most of the time, sometimes giving very significant savings! 


What's the verdict?

A resounding 'YES' for black only and a confident 'POSSIBLY' for colour laser. It comes down to comparing the cost for replacement cartridges and determining if laser will meet your printing needs. If you're wondering about black only but do need the occasional colour print, you could always take any colour stuff to a local printer. Laser isn't always the answer, so know there are some great inkjet options out there that can save you money too. As smaller, more affordable laser printers flood the market, it's definitely an option worth your consideration and might be the best choice for you!


Thanks for reading! If this helped you, why not share it? We'd love to help as many people as possible find the best printer for their needs and budget.