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TOP FIVE: Green Printing Tips for Inkjet


It can be challenging to go about our daily lives and yet be kind to our environment and consciously help our planet. The printing industry doesn't have the best track record when it comes to this, but there are definitely things you can to to make a difference!


1. Refill your ink cartridges

Refilling reduces landfill waste, packaging and non-renewable resources used. And it saves you money too! Reusing your cartridges as many times as possible is our top green printing tip!


2. Purchase the highest capacity cartridges available

The price of high capacity cartridges can be a bit shocking, we know. But, most brands put at least double the ink volume in their XL sizes. Putting more ink in the same cartridge and packaging reduces waste, lasts much longer and is better value for your money.


3. Print with your ink cartridges at least once a week

This tip seems counter-intuitive right? Thing is, this will actually reduce overall ink consumption by keeping your printer in tip top shape - no more ink heavy clean cycles and clogs!


4. Save paper

You might be doing some of these paper saving things already, but let us challenge you to implement all of them!

  • Print double-sided whenever possible. Many newer printers have this functionality built in and you can easily cut your paper consumption in half! If you printer doesn't have this functionality, try printing all the even pages first and then flip them around and print all the odd pages on the backside.
  • Use waste paper to do any print tests, nozzle checks or draft work wherever possible.
  • Keep a recycling bin near your printer so all waste paper goes in there for recycling.

5. Recycle empty ink cartridges

Ensure you recycle all ink cartridges for free with us (or other recyclers like Staples) when you're finished with them. This saves them from the landfill and ensures they will be re-manufactured or used in making something else. Bonus points for taking any old printers, cables, cords and other electronics to a nearby electronics recycling depot or donating them to charity.


Do you have any tips we missed here? We'd love to hear them and help spread the word. Comment below and let us know!