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When Cartridges Fail...


Cartridges do fail. It's a common misconception that only compatible cartridges will be faulty, but there are always a small amount of failures straight out of the box for all brands and cartridge types. How can you tell if this is the case with your cartridge? And what should you do about it? Let's unpack this a bit.


For both inkjet and toner cartridges, the industry statistics are that 0.025% (or one in every four thousand) of cartridges will fail straight out of the box. Manufacturing is never 100% for anything, so it's natural to assume that when a company makes thousands of complicated cartridges a day, a few of those might not work properly.

If your cartridge isn't working out of the box, a couple things could be wrong. The electronics or computer chip might be faulty and have failed. That's likely most commonly. Otherwise, the cartridge might not have been machine-filled properly, or, in the case of some low quality compatibles, cheap parts were used that are not going to work properly.

For new inkjet cartridges, you may need to run a cleaning or two to get them working properly. Try that before determining the cartridge is no good. For toner, cleanings aren't a thing... so if the cartridge isn't working, try uninstalling and reinstalling it a couple times.



OEM (aka brand name) cartridges come with a manufacturer's warranty! You will have to contact the manufacturer directly, like HP, Epson, Canon etc, and follow their procedures. We have no ability to help you in this situation unfortunately.

Compatible toner cartridges may come with a warranty, depending on where you purchased them. Online purchases may or may not be guaranteed, and you might have to mail back the faulty cartridge at your own expense.

Anything purchased with us carries a 30-day guarantee against failures straight out of the box!! We carefully source high quality compatibles and back them with this warranty and guarantee. Simply bring your cartridge and receipt back to us for a full refund or exchange. Beyond the 30-day guarantee, we stand behind our products! We will always work with you to come to fair and honest solutions for any problems you might have. We are a locally owned small business and depend on loyalty, trust and word-of-mouth from our customers!