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Back to School Printing Tips


It's that time again! Books are opening, classrooms are filling up and homework is on the way. Are you ready? We've compiled our best back to school printing tips to help you get your printer back in shape (or buy the new printer that's right for you) so you're ready for the new school year.



If your printer has been sitting fairly dormant for the summer, you may need to run some clean cycles to get the ink flowing again. We also recommend printing once per week for all inkjet printers to keep things unclogged and ready to print. Laser printers generally don't require any tune ups and should be ready to print when you are!



If it's time to get your first printer or replace that old dot matrix you've been squeezing the last life out of, take a little time to do your research and think about your printing needs. Do you really need colour or will black only work for you? What features do you need? What are the replacement cartridge costs and are there refilling or compatible cartridge options? Answering these questions will save you a lot of headache and money! Plus, we're always here to help by answer questions and letting you know what cartridge options you have. Our best piece of advice is: don't buy the cheapest printer off the shelf blindly. Seriously, don't do it. 



If your ink cartridges are nearly empty, check into having them refilled. Refilling saves you up to 50% and saves the environment too. Those that can't be refilled might have compatible options available which will also save you at least 30%. We also have lots of compatible toner cartridge options that rival online prices but we have real customer service and a solid guarantee too.



A little extra effort will go a long way in terms of your reports and school work. Keep a recycling bin next to your printer and re-use the paper from there for draft work. Cheap paper will do for general printing and assignments, but a heavier weight white paper will do wonders for your reports and projects. Presentation is important so the few extra bucks will be worth it!


We hope these tips got your thinking about this new school season and will help make your printing inexpensive and happy. Find more blogs about things we touched on below or feel free to get in touch and ask further questions!