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Good Printing Habits


Keeping your printer in top shape means you need good printing habits. Good printing habits should also save you money and be kind to the environment! Do you have good habits? Let's see how yours stack up against our expert tips for good printing.

  • PRINT ONCE A WEEK - Let's get this one out of the way first! We know it seems counter-intuitive, but truly, inkjet printers need to be used regularly. Regularly, as in printing a draft or something at least once a week. That way your printer will be ready to go whenever you've got that report to print out. No more clogged up, dried up ink! In the end, you'll use less ink and save yourself some major headaches. Those with laser printers need not apply. Toner cartridges don't dry out or clog up!
  • PRINT ON DRAFT QUALITY WHERE POSSIBLE - Printing your stuff on draft quality saves about 30% on the use of ink versus printing with normal quality. Simply be aware of what print quality setting you're printing with and choose draft whenever possible. The benefits here are obvious for both ink and toner!

  • USE A LIGHT, MINIMAL FONT - Using lighter and more minimal fonts for any writing and documents you create will also save on ink & toner. Heavier, bold fonts use more ink and it all adds up in the long run. Save some ink or toner and it's a win-win.

  • PRINT TWO-SIDED - Most inkjet and laser printers now print two-sided automatically, making this a no-brainer! Save paper and be kind to the environment. Bonus points for having a recycle bin next to your printer and pulling a scrap piece of paper from it to print with when possible.

  • ELIMINATE UNNECESSARY PRINTING - Sometimes we print things we don't really need to print. Make a habit of thinking it through before you print it. Do you really need this printed? Can you access it online/on your computer/on your phone instead?

  • PLACE YOUR PRINTER IN A GOOD SPOT - Your printer should sit in a shaded spot away from heating vents and direct sunlight. This is especially important for inkjet printers to keep ink from drying out.

  • RECYCLE CARTRIDGES & PAPER - This one probably goes without saying, but refill or recycle your empty cartridges and used paper. Refilling ink means you'll save money and it's the best eco-friendly choice. Recycling your cartridges, both ink and toner, is the next best thing, as they can be reused or re-purposed! Bring them in to us and we'll make sure they get recycled. Big box stores usually have recycling facilities for ink and toner cartridges too.


What other good printing habits do you have? We'd love to hear them! Let us know with a comment.