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TOP FIVE: Reasons to Refill Your Ink Cartridges


Although not all ink cartridges can be refilled, it's such a good option for your printing needs! You probably don't need convincing, but here are the top five reasons to refill your ink cartridges.


1. It's eco-friendly

Refilling your cartridges really helps the environment! Each refill means non-renewable resources are saved in the manufacturing process and there are no shipping and transport costs to get the cartridges to Canada. A refilled cartridge doesn't need to be packaged in the same way as a new one, so less packaging will be used as well. The refilling process is green too, using ink purchased in bulk and reusable materials and tools. Look for companies who refill on-site to save on transportation costs and waste as well. The earth is happy when we re-use something already in existence!


2. It's cost effective

Because your cartridges don't need to be manufactured from scratch, transported to Canada, distributed to a wholesaler, sold to a retailer and then sold to the final consumer, you can imagine it costs less! It's almost always the most cost-effective option for home printer users and will save you money each time you refill. Find our price list here to see how much you'll save.


3. It's good quality

When you take your cartridges to an experienced refiller, you can expect quality results! An experienced ink refiller will use laboratory-matched ink and know how each specific cartridge should be refilled in detail. At Men In Ink, we have specific, and sometimes unconventional, tools we use based on our many years of experience in refilling to ensure we do our absolute best for your cartridges. Remember that some big box stores offer refilling services but don't give the same experienced and detailed approach, potentially resulting in a poor quality refill. Refilling should be as good as your original when it's done right, so make sure to do a little research into where you take in your cartridges. Also, take in your cartridges as soon as possible once empty (within a couple weeks) or they may dry out and become unusable. Good refillers will warranty their work and print test your cartridges for you. 


An experienced ink refiller will use laboratory-matched ink and know how each specific cartridge should be refilled in detail.


4. It's safe

Ink refilling, when done by an experienced refill technician (see above), will not damage your printer or void your warranty. Printer manufacturers may lead you to think so, but it's not true! You are able and allowed to refill your ink cartridges and don't need to worry. 


5. It's quick

Ink cartridge refills usually take 20 minutes or less. For ink tank style cartridges, see if the refiller swaps instantly for already filled cartridges they have on hand to save even more time. We keep a stock of all possible swaps on hand so they're filled and ready for you instantly. Otherwise, we aim to have you done in 15 minutes (or whenever you're finished your errands in the mall). 


In conclusion, refilling is awesome! Take this as extra motivation to bring in your fresh empties for a fill and give it a try if you haven't already. Find out more about our ink cartridge options here and find our refill prices on our price list.


Has ink refilling worked well for you? We'd love to hear about your experience! Leave a comment below and let us know :)