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How To Fix Your HP Printer After the Recent Firmware Update


In mid September, HP sent a firmware update to certain printer models that affected the use of refilled or compatible cartridges. They do this periodically to try and stop aftermarket cartridges and refilling, so it can be a headache when it happens. What we tend to see is that one day cartridges are working fine and the next they won't work at all. If you've been affected, there are a few steps you can take to be up and running again.


To fix this problem, go to the link below to see the list of printers affected, and then follow through the instructions and download from HP that will allow reuse of cartridges that currently show error messages. We have tested this and it has worked for us so far.


HP routinely protects their technology and intellectual property, but they also recognize that fair competition allows the use of aftermarket cartridges and refiling. You haven't done anything wrong by using something other than HP original cartridges! There are workarounds and fixes for any problems you encounter, and we're always here to help.


Let us know if this worked for you and feel free to get in touch if you have further questions. We're here to help!